Kashah Training is the first of its kind capacity building training that aims at everyone in the working domain. No one is perfect and learning never stops. You need to hone your skills to be at par with the present time. We at Kashah have innovations, techniques, experience and subject matter experts to build a new you, no matter which domain you work for. Our training modules are customized according to the needs of the target audience. At present Kashah provide training in the following programs

  • Training for Artists: Honing an artist to be an entrepreneur.
  • Training for Teachers/Faculty: Training a trainer to be at par with technology and media.
  • Training for Students: Preparing a student with the basic employability needs.
  • Training for Corporates/Entrepreneurs: A technical trained professionals.
  • Life skills training: Life skills include critical and creative thinking, decision-making, effective communication, as well as skills for developing healthy relationships and a positive self-concept.

Kashah aims to integrate community, creativity and learning through various means such as trainings, events, and workshops.